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Lets Go!

I’ve been hard at work for years!! I’ve trained athletes, elderly, disabled and fitness junkies!!

You are now going to reap all the rewards! My training is well documented and proven! I’ve created diets and training programs for the masses for over 15 years!! I’ve created training programs to enhance my athletic abilities to unreal capabilities. At 5’5 and getting my vertical leap over 40’ and weighing 200+ pounds takes a lot of creativity and fine tuning! LOL

Men and Women are now going to reach their fitness goals and dreams. I have everyone covered!!! My diets and training are changing people’s lives!!! Are you wanting to fit in that new dress? Do you have a wedding or work function coming? Is that big beach vacation coming?Why wait!!!! I have all the training you’ll need here!!!

This time in our lives has caused us to be more creative than ever!! Guess what? I have In-Home Training Programs! Men and Women! No equipment! And with equipment! I got you!!!So!! Are you ready!?!?!Let me show you!!!!

I got you!!!

So!! Are you ready!?!?!

Let me show you!!!!


Best Fitness Programs

FAT BURNING-Home Workout

12 Week- Home Workout and Nutrition Plan

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This is the best in home “Fat Loss” Program on the internet!! This is the only guide you will need!! This 76 page manual includes the following!

  • How to track your fitness progress
  • Nutrition breakdown of meals
  • Calorie breakdown and understanding caloric deficit
  • Meal splits and Cheat meal options
  • Multiple training programs and exercise instructions
  • Home gym equipment (if needed) and tons of training tips and guidelines!

Men’s Muscle Mass

12 Week- Home Workout and Nutrition Plan

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This Hardcore 71 page guide will help you kill the gym and help you add the size and strength you’ve been dreaming of!! I spent many hours in the gym developing these principles and disciplines to add size and get big!! Now it’s your turn to know my secrets!!! Lol you’re WELCOME!! So what does this big boy guide include??? Man. EVERYTHING!

  • Diet and Multiple meal plans and options
  • Meal splits and eating times to add unreal size
  • Vegan and Regular options for eating.
  • Tons of workouts and training guidelines to ensure you are going to add mass and strength.

Now it’s time to stop bulshitting and get that size and strength you’ve been waiting for!!!

Men’s Body Shred

12 Week- Home Workout and Nutrition Plan

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Are you ready to be shredded? Do you want that killer 6-pack? Are you ready to run shirtless? LOL? This is your program. I know how it is! I get it! Abs are the sexy muscles! We all want them!

Now I’ve done the hard work for you!!! I’ve dug deep and been through the trenches to get that 6-pack! Now I’m sharing my knowledge and training with you!!! This 82 page guide is what you are going to need to get that rock hard body!!

This guide includes:

  • Tracking your process guide
  • Nutrition guidelines, to make sure we get you as lean as possible
  • Supplement options and guidelines.
  • Cheat meal and snack options during cutting/lean phases.
  • Multiple workouts and tips and instructions on workout regime.

Stop wasting your time!

Muscle Building Home Workout

12 Week- Home Workout and Nutrition Plan

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We are all dealing with desperate times. This has caused many across the globe to find alternatives to the traditional gym training. I’ve had the liberty of being an in-home personal trainer for over 15 years, so i’ve been creating home workouts and getting results for years.

Now i’ve compiled all the best workouts and exercises for maximum results. I have done the work for you! Now it’s time for you to get to work! No excuses! I have the blueprint for you! This74 page guide is here to ensure you are getting the best and only results possible!!!

This program includes:

  • Vegan and Regular food options
  • Meal Splits
  • Training protocols and exercises
  • Food and Nutritional information on Vegan and regular food options

Let’s not waste time! We are going to make this happen! Gym or No Gym!!!

Women’s Lean Muscle

12 Week- Home Workout and Nutrition Plan

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Ladies! I’m here to help! I know this has been a hard time. The majority of my in-home client share female. I’ve been training the female body for years, without access to gyms.

So I have compiled my favorite training programs and nutrition plans. I’m here to help you get this done!We are going to get through this together! My training techniques are only built on yielding results. Nothing Else!!!! This Plan is a 63 page guide on getting the best body possible!

Women’s Body Shred

12 Week- Home Workout and Nutrition Plan

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Do you need more ladies? Are you ready to go to the next level? I understand. This 63 page guide is more intense and built on challenging you in many different areas. I used this training to attack and build the sexy muscles on the female body. I have in depth experience with model sand athlete’s and how the body responds to exercises and diets. This training guide is for you!!!!!

Bulking Diet Eat big Get Big

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Want to fuel the body to get big?? I have you covered with all my secrets on how to eat big, to get big

The Shred Diet

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Are you ready to drop some fast pounds?? How about 15-20lbs in 14 days? This drastic diet is not for the faint of heart! BUT!!! This is the diet you’ve been looking for!!! I’ve used this diet for countless clients and myself! I love this diet. Kind of. LOL. I love the results. Hahaha. This is an extreme diet but worth it. Are you ready to look different in 14 days??

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