12 Week Home Workout and Nutrition Plan

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With the majority of his in-home clients females, Brandon Todd has been training the female body for over 15 years without the gym. The Women’s Lean Muscle program includes 63 pages of all the best training programs and nutrition plans based on nothing but RESULTS! In three training phases, you will optimize your body to develop lean muscle mass and see what your body is capable of becoming. This 12 week home workout and nutrition plan includes:

  • Nutrition guidelines to get you as lean as possible
  • Detailed meal plans with vegan options
  • Meal splits and cheat meal options
  • Understanding calorie breakdowns, caloric deficit, metabolism, and nutrient timing 
  • Tons of training tips and guidelines
  • Detailed daily workout instructions targeted at different parts of the body
  • Useful tips to monitor and track your fitness progress
  • Tips for staying motivated